Photoworld Studio started in 1993 in a garage-style back room with a single Twin-Lens Reflex Camera, and a boundless passion to cheat time, snatching memories from it, and etching it forever in all its original beauty.

Two decades on, Photoworld specialises in Wedding Photography in Kerala and people photography, which includes everything from individual or family portraits to corporate portraits. We also offer our expertise for product and event photography and editorial assignments for publication across various media.

The Twin-Lens Reflex Camera at Photoworld Studio, Padanilam

The Twin-Lens Reflex Camera at Photoworld Studio, Padanilam


Any wedding, to us is two lives, prepared to live for each other till the end, making a profound beginning. And we ensure those moments stay for ever. At Photoworld, we believe we are all artists playing with light and love, and we ensure that we  serve out the best and enduring combination in the most popular media formats available, to preserve your moments for ever.

Wedding Photography in Kerala by Photoworld Studio, Padanilam
As artists, it is also imperative that sound technical knowledge – of the equipment and the medium,  augmented with experience are the fundamentals tenets that govern the final product.  We deeply care about that at every step of the way with you.


We are lucky to have a full-fledged in-house team of photography experts, led by Principal Photographer Santhosh, and having our assignments create wonderful lasting relationships, rising above mundane professional engagements. We stand for fun, fine-art, fashion and above all, exceptional value.


Though we are based out of central Kerala, we are nimble and agile enough to reach any part of the State, accompanied with the latest in technology, to guide you through any event, from beginning to end, that is easy, joyful and professional.

Across a wide range of photography and videography services, backed by two decades of experience in the business, powered by a young and vibrant team of professionals, Photoworld Studio combines the best of both worlds, tradition and technology to give you exceptional value.

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