5 Must-haves for a Wedding Photographer

Make that a Wedding Photographer’s 5 Must Haves at Work.

A wedding is a once-in-a-life-time moment for most, and that applies equally to the photographer who covers the event too, capturing those divine moments for posterity. And so, it becomes mortifying when you feel handicapped and helpless when the tools of your trade fails to function optimally, without which you, as a photographer, have absolutely no earthly business of being present there. The blight and the heart-break it causes is simply unfathomable, not to mention the way it will affect your professional integrity and ultimately, your business.

Two decades on, though the technology has provided more convenience and effectiveness to the art of photography by way of the tools we have at our fingertips, there are certain things I make doubly sure I have with me while being part of a wedding photography assignment. Hope this helps you too.

1. Battery Back-up.

Always, always have a fully charged battery-back up for your camera at hand, at arms reach. Though I have taken extreme care not to be caught without one till now, I have seen first hand the absolute chaos it has caused to peers as a stand-in photographer for the event through the years.

2. Camera Body Back-up.

A perfectly working camera do not actually give you an advance warning that it is going for a vacation, sometimes, for a long time. I always ensure there is a stand-by camera body in my standby kit that could be reached to, at the shortest notice.

3. Flash Units standby

I follow the 2 + 2 thumb rule of Flash unit back-ups for every event that is covered. Essentially, its just two flash units of 200 W and two flash units of 400 W in the kit for any emergency that comes your way in terms of extra-lighting. A must-have, if you ask me.

4. Tripod

Believe me, I have seen quite a few flustered peers who forgot to bring along their tripods in my time. Ensure it goes in first in your kit. The importance of it, I feel, need not have to be emphasized.

5. Handy Reflector

A foldable simple reflector is also in the kit, and it has done wonders while I gone around clicking away with it fixed to my tripod, getting even glows and fantastic results for situations which I mentally filed away as not “salvageable.”

In short, I believe, in the end it is all about caring enough for the dimensions and implications of the job that you are in. It is a matter of implicit trust that the couple places on you ensuring that the ir life’s single most important event is captured for posterity. It should be your eternal promise to never, ever let them down.

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