Anoop with the classic Yashica TLR Camera - Photoworld Studio

Anoop with the classic Yashica TLR Camera – Photoworld Studio

We believe a fine photographer is the coming together of two components – talent and the tool. Once you have identified your inborn talent and take heed to nurture it, the rest of it has to fall in place, even if it takes you on a rough ride in the early years.
The developing technology of the craft only enables you in augumenting the capabilities of the tools of the trade. Without a mind’s eye behind the view finder, a camera is a useless bundle of sensors and glass lenses. Our journey has been no different, and looking back at this timeline of photography of ours, we believe it was worth the sweat, blood and the tears. It has made us only stronger through the years.

The history of our Cameras.

Santhosh with his custom-made Field Camera - Photoworld Studio Of the two primary posessions in the beginning of the studio, the Field Camera was a prized posession. The more compacted but less adaptable kind from the View Camera family, 20 years down the line, this locally built beauty still performs as fabulously as it did back then.

Our Field Camera.

Like everyone, we too wished we could lay our hands on a Tachihara during those times, but it was, like all photography equipment of those times, worth a small fortune. There was an alternative, and it worked as well, both in terms of affordability and end results. Vageshwari, a photography products house in the old part of Alleppey town, made excellent Field cameras under their own label, where they built the entire body and tripod of high quality wood ( sourced locally) and integrated original Carl – Zeiss Lens units making it, in the end, a formidable piece of photographic equipment.

The “Vageshwari” performed beautifully equally in studio portraits as well as in Panoramic shots, Family Portraits, Landscape photography and community photography requirements. It is amazing that the tripod still retracts without a whisper, even after 20 years, and the wood has only turned into a mellow, darker, burnished hue.

Sadly, neither the sheet film nor the roll film that has been used to preserve memories are available in the land, and specifically ordered, costs a fortune. The irony of it, when we come to think of it. We are seriously thinking of having at least an occasional session in panorama and studio photography, once we organise a viable channel to source its films for the ones who love premium experiences in photography.

A Classic Field Camera Session immortalised in Malayalam Cinema.

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