Neethu Lekshmi and Anoop

  • Anoop-and-Neethulekshmi-Wedding--Happily-Married
  • Anoop-and-Neethulekshmi-Wedding--Visibly-in-love
  • Anoop-and-Neethulekshmi-Wedding--the-bride
  • Anoop-and-Neethulekshmi-Wedding-post-wedding
  • Anoop-and-Neethulekshmi-Wedding--the-groom
  • Anoop-and-Neethulekshmi-Wedding--Together-for-ever
Date :
7th May, 2013
Venue : Paattupurakavu Bhagavathy Temple, Pandalam.

The Pattupurakkavu Bhagavathy temple is equally famous for its reigning deity, Goddess Bhadrakali and the Navartri celebrations that infuse the land in the magical strains of Carnatic music for a fortnight. Anoop and Neethu Lekshmi’s wedding ceremonies were also a direct reflection of the ageless traditional rituals and ethos of the temple. It took a while for Anoop to open up in front of the camera, but with neethu Lekshmi, her smile most of the times was enough to light up our frames.

Principal Photography : Santhosh Photoworld
Videography : Syam, Ashok, Anoop Photoworld
Graphic Effects : Renjith Mangattu
Visual Effects : Jinu Rajeev Photoworld

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