Sreeba and Harikrishnan

  • Sreeba and Harikrishnan Engagement Photography - Set
  • Sreeba and Harikrishnan Engagement Photography - the glowing couple
  • Sreeba-and-Harikrishnan-Engagement-Photography-sealing-it-with-the-ring
  • Sreeba-and-Harikrishnan-Engagement-Photography-the-friends-join-in
  • Sreeba-and-Harikrishnan-Engagement-Photography-geeting-their-act-ready
  • Sreeba-and-Harikrishnan-Engagement-Photography-stolen-conversations
  • Sreeba-and-Harikrishnan-Engagement-Photography-the-adoring-aunt
Date :
1st September, 2013
Venue : AVM Auditorium, Nooranad.

Two decades of documenting Pre-Wedding ceremonies, Engagements, Weddings itself and everything in between has shown us the amazing interpretations of joyful celebrations, as two families and their loved ones join together through a divine bond. But nothing had prepared us for the joi-de-vivre of Sreeba and Harikrishnan’s Engagement ceremony !

The couple glowed divine, and parried mischievousness with impishness. But the love, above all, shone profound.

Principal Photography : Santhosh Photoworld
Videography : Syam, Ashok, Anoop Photoworld
Graphic Effects : Renjith Mangattu
Visual Effects : Jinu Rajeev Photoworld.

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